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‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 episode 3 preview: Interdimensional ‘Street Fighter’

Rick and Summer play Space Street Fighter.

You’ve heard of interdimensional cable. Now, get ready for interdimensional video games in the upcoming Rick and Morty episode, where playing a game like Street Fighter requires you to actually find your opponent in an ultra-realistic city.

With barely enough time to catch our breaths after that explosive second episode, Adult Swim’s hit animated show is already teasing the adventure that the show has in store for fans next Sunday. In it, Morty comes to check on Rick and Summer, who appear to be playing a fighting game. Morty asks if it is Street Fighter, and Summer replies, “Street Fighter where you start at the beginning of each fighter’s day and have to find each other to fight.”

“It’s very realistic. Not even guaranteed a fight will happen,” adds Rick, then takes a jab at fighting games. “That meter filling up is us forgetting what made us so mad.”

And that’s just 30 seconds of the next episode, so we can only imagine how many jokes showrunners Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have crammed into the usual 20-minute runtime.

After Evil Morty created a rift in Rick’s self-aggrandizing multiverse, the two characters have begun a new chapter in their respective lives. Our Rick seems to have forsaken taking revenge on the rogue Rick who killed his family, but the villain might be seeking him out after the events of the premiere episode.

Not that Rick and Morty ever takes the overarching narrative seriously, but it’ll be interesting to see where the duo will end up at the end of this run.

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