AMC Releases Sneak Peek Of The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere


Planet Earth has fallen into the cold, dead hands of the Walkers.

At least, that’s according to The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple, who recently warned viewers that in season 8, the world belongs to those undead flesh-munchers scattered across the globe. It’s a timely reminder, too, given how much of The Walking Dead‘s marketing campaign is often dedicated to the human conflict bubbling away beneath the surface, with the show’s eighth season poised to bring a sense of closure to the battle brewing between Negan and Rick Grimes.

War is (almost) upon us, then, but you wouldn’t know it from the sneak peek of the season 8 premiere that AMC just dropped at New York Comic Con tonight. It’s a bit of an odd promo to release, as it focuses solely on Carl and doesn’t really show much of the action that’s to come. With all this talk of a fast-paced and intense season, it’s strange that the network wouldn’t tease that here. Still, we’ll take what we can get and fans will surely appreciate receiving an early look at the show’s return.

Set to kick off later this month with the season 8 premiere, we’ve been assured that “Mercy,” will ring in The Walking Dead‘s 100th episode in style. Championed as an “explosive” start to what’s been described as a suitably breathless instalment of AMC’s undead flagship, Gimple has consistently assured viewers that both he and The Walking Dead‘s creators have learned from past mistakes – specifically the sluggish pacing and drab story that crippled season 7. Again, you wouldn’t know that from the clip above, but we still have faith.

One way or another, we’ll find out for sure when The Walking Dead returns with a super-sized instalment on October 22nd. Look for TV’s biggest series to air via AMC in the States, while those across the pond can expect TWD to shuffle onto the small screen on Monday, October 23rd.