Rick Cosnett To Return To The Flash


With parallel universes and alternate timelines now being the norm on The Flash, it comes as no surprise that characters who have been killed off have made their return. Case in point: Multiple versions of Harrison Wells being brought to life as Tom Cavanagh continues to flex his acting muscles.

Aside from Black Flash, you can look forward to seeing Rick Cosnett return in some capacity, although what that may be remains unknown at this point. After heroically sacrificing himself in the season 1 finale, he popped up a few times over the course of the show’s sophomore year, most notably in a dream sequence and when Barry Allen decided to go back in time a year (as if we shouldn’t have seen Flashpoint coming).

Not being one to divulge details, Cosnett took to Twitter to confirm his comeback.

Before jumping to conclusions saying that Eddie Thawne is back and he’s brought his favorite undershirt with him, it’s most likely this is just a publicity shot of himself that he had handy, but it’s nice to see Cosnett’s enthusiasm. Considering that he’s part of a minority who haven’t gotten to take a great sci-fi leap with their character, we have to admit that it would be cool to see him play an alternate Earth’s version of Eddie, even possibly one that is a bit more villainous.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, January 24 on The CW.