Rick Grimes Takes Aim In The First Official Poster For The Walking Dead Season 3

After a slew of promotional images, banners and trailers already released over the past few months to get our blood pumping, we’ve finally got the first official poster for season three of AMC’s smash series The Walking Dead.

Walker-fuelled destruction, the ominous West Central Prison and leader of the survivors Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) are front and center of this image which easily carries on the epic and bleak tradition of the show’s two previous seasons.

Thanks to the aforementioned images and extended trailer we’ve already gotten a peak of the prison grounds and its dilapidated corridors, but this poster sums up the upcoming season perfectly.

The Walking Dead’s return will find the group of weakened survivors seeking new asylum after the massacre at Hershel’s farm, a haven they find in the West Central Prison. Unfortunately for them, another leader of refugees (though a far more ruthless one) named The Governor (David Morrissey) also has his eyes set on the fortress.

We can expect plenty of bloodshed, especially since it’s already been revealed another series regular will meet their fate, not to mention the likelihood of numerous complications brought about by the return of a pissed off season one cast member who was written off as dead by the group.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 14.