Ricky Gervais joins German comedy series based on one of his tweets

ricky gervais

In news you probably weren’t expecting to hear, Ricky Gervais has signed on for his first recurring role in a TV series that he isn’t involved in as a creator, writer or producer since one of his earliest roles in British satire The 11 O’Clock Show after boarding an eight-episode German show based on one of his tweets.

As per Deadline, WarnerMedia Germany has confirmed that the acerbic Golden Globes host has boarded Greenlight – German Genius, which is now shooting in Berlin. The project stars Kida Khodr Ramadan as himself, and spins a dramatized retelling of a Twitter exchange he had with Gervais back in 2018, which saw the up-and-comer widely praised for his performance in crime drama 4 Blocks.


In Greenlight, Ramadan urges Gervais to hand over the rights for a German adaptation of his hit comedy Extras, but as the remake gears up to enter production, he comes up against a significant stumbling block when he realizes that his countrymen aren’t particularly well-known or highly regarded for their sense of humor.

So far, Gervais is the only international name announced for the ensemble among a veritable sea of local actors, musicians and comedians, and the whole thing sounds so bizarre that Greenlight- German Genius could drum up plenty of curious buzz the closer it gets to release.