Ricky Gervais was hot in his ’80s pop Singer Days

ricky gervais

When people think of heartthrob singers they might think of the likes of Harry Styles or Joe Jonas, but someone that wouldn’t usually come to mind is comedian Ricky Gervais.

The English comic is best known as the creator of the renowned sitcom The Office, as well as a fearless Golden Globes host where he has become infamous for not holding back on his jokes while roasting the Hollywood elite. However, something not very well known about Gervais is the fact that he had a brief run as a pop singer during the 1980s in the British duo Seona Dancing.

What is even more shocking is just how unrecognizable the comedian is in one video that has surfaced of him singing his single More to Lose.

The video reveals a clean-shaven Gervais who is rocking a very ’80s-Esque hairdo. If you are wondering what looks so familiar about the star it could be the fact that he reminds you of David Bowie, who the comedian has stated was a hero during this period of his life.

Gervais formed the duo with his friend Bill Macrae while studying at University College London, with Macrae writing the music and playing the keyboard while Gervais wrote and sang the lyrics. After recording a demo tape the duo was signed by London Records but after their singles More to Lose and Bitter Heart failed to perform on the UK Singles Chart they went their separate ways.

This was only the start of bigger and better things as Gervais then went on to make waves in the television industry winning two Primetime Emmys for his shows The Office and Extras.