Ringer Season 1-13 ‘It’s Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved’ Recap

Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has been in town for New York minute and she's already deep in the drama on this episode of Ringer!

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Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has been in town for a New York minute and she’s already deep in the drama on this episode of Ringer!

Bridget (also Gellar) is still on her hunt for answers and she’s paying double to find them. Last time we saw her, she had discovered a link to Siobhan’s secret life in Solomon (Sean Patrick Thomas). Solomon turned out to be more than an asset, leading Bridget toward the truth.

First up on this ride, a trip to an office that Siobhan kept. For what purpose? Well, that’s still a mystery – but, Bridget might have come across more than she bargained for. There are more secrets hiding in the closet. Literally. Siobhan is hiding in the closet. After Bridget finds a suspicious key, she heads off to the next stop.

The Martin family is in crisis mode as they prepare for the trial against Mr. Carpenter. Juliet (Zoey Deutch) is rehearsing her testimony with the lawyer as her mother (Andrea Roth) battles against her all the way. A devoted fashionista, she is more concerned with her daughter appearing in the appropriate designer duds for the occasion than her actual well-being. Bridget comes home and smooths things over for her step-daughter.

Siobhan has her own agenda which leads her straight to bed with Henry. There are now two men convinced that she is carrying their baby. It would be nice to think that she actually loves Henry (Kris Polaha) and Tyler (Justin Bruening) is the pawn, but knowing her history – she always seems to be working a selfish angle. When Tyler video chats her and Henry picks up, things get a little sticky, but of course Siobhan is one step ahead.

The second stop on Bridget’s scavenger hunt – a coffee shop that doesn’t scream ‘upper east side elite.’ Solomon gives her a tip that lands her at a chess table with a wishing well drawer. She breaks into the drawer after her mystery key doesn’t work and discovers a note written by Siobhan the day before she “killed herself.” Another clue that things are not as they appear.

Next stop – a shooting range. The key doesn’t have a home here either, but a picture says a 1000 words. Charlie, or John, is hanging on the wall. Solomon comes through again with more info – they were friends. Well, not them per-say, but Siobhan and  and John. This opens up a new line of questioning – why did he introduce himself to her when they first met if he already knew her? And, if he was friends with Siobhan, who is really trying to kill her? Bridget does some quick thinking and hires Solomon to protect her.

At the courthouse, Juliet play the part of damsel in distress perfectly. Everything is right on target until Tessa (Gage Golightly) decides to be honest and admits that Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring) never touched her. The case is thrown out and Carpenter sues for millions for killing his character and credibility. Against Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) better judgment, with the advice of Bridget and a push from his ex, he settles for the benefit of Juliet and a fresh start.

Siobhan runs over some of her naughty plans with Henry, letting him in on the secret that she plans to take the bottom line out of Martin/Charles. Too bad that Henry just convinced his father-in-law to invest in the company after Olivia (Jaime Murray) blackmailed him to set up a meeting. Henry’s word is about to be thrown through the mud, not unlike the rest of his life.

She must take after her step-mother because Juliet has pulled off a master plan of her own. In a lush hotel room Juliet, Mr. Carpenter, and Tessa toast to a renewed trust fund and a whole lot of money to go around. Looks like ‘hot for teacher’ took a turn for the naughty and it paid off for everyone involved. How long will the trio be able to keep this secret?

What does Siobhan have planned for Bridget? It looks like her past is catching up to her, will she be able to keep up with her wicked ways and destroy Bridget’s life or will their bond finally come into play?

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