Ringer Season 1-02 ‘She’s Ruining Everything’ Recap

In tonight’s episode of Ringer, we find Bridget (Sarah Michelle Geller) struggling with the choices she’s made and contemplating running from them, again. Bridget is left with a dead body and no excuse for having a stolen fire arm.  She can’t go to the police because she’s impersonating her sister and just used the gun she stole from a federal agent to shoot a man – in self defence.

Realizing what she’s done, she turns to Malcolm (Mike Colter), her sponsor, for advice. Malcolm tries to convince her to flee, and desperately makes a plan to meet her halfway. He promises to do whatever it takes to help her stay safe. His emotions are clearly more than that of a concerned friend.

Bridget makes preparations to leave New York and heads to the bank.  In an attempt to fund her loose travel plans, she accidentally stumbles upon Siobhan’s emergency stash and cleans it out. Unfortunately, she can’t run away from Siobhan’s responsibilities fast enough.  Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), Siobhan’s husband, needs her to rescue him from a social disaster and even with her limited experience in the social limelight, Bridget comes through with grace and charm.

At the end of the episode, we see a very angry Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Geller) in Paris trying to withdraw the same funds from her emergency checking account only to leave empty handed.  It appears that she might have more to do with Bridget’s recent safety issues than the other suspects.

Bridget shows us once again that she’s a quick thinker; hiding the body not once, but twice, in plain sight.  Her choice to make amends for her sorted past by making things right for her supposedly late sister, who she is still convinced has taken her own life, are touching.

In one of the final scenes where Andrew witnesses Bridget comforting Juliet (Zoey Deutch), her step-daughter, we sense that Andrew is seeing his wife, or assumed wife, in a different light and I’m excited to see where Ringer will take this storyline in future episodes.

However, as Bridget begins rebuilding Siobahn’s life there’s still the fact that Bridget is not pregnant, and she only has a limited time to solve this problem before people start getting suspicious.

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