Ringer Season 1-05 ‘A Whole New Kind Of Bitch’ Recap

Last episode of Ringer left us all on the edge of our seats with Bridget’s secret finally out there and Gemma’s volatile nature being the only thing keeping it safe.

This week, Juliet (Zoey Deutch) returns to her usual party girl behavior, welcoming Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) home from the Hampton’s with the gift of a trashed house and passed out party guests.   The level of concern is raised as Bridget confronts Andrew about Juliet’s wild ways, and informs him that there is no doubt drugs are being abused.

In retaliation, Juliet trashes Siobhan’s (also Gellar) wedding dress and closet, coming up with a pamphlet to Narcotics Anonymous hidden in a lovely Chanel quilted purse.

Bridget heads out to find Gemma (Tara Summers), who’s been M.I.A. since Bridget made her big reveal. Gemma is still clearly upset about the news of her husband having an affair with her best friend and struggles to understand the details of the even more complicated situation she is now in. Bridget tries to reason with her, but is shut down as Gemma’s anger surfaces again.

Later, Gemma makes a surprise appearance at the penthouse with an announcement that she assures Andrew and Bridget is a “game changer.”  The big announcement? She is stepping down from her job designing the loft, if only this is where her declarations ends. Gemma, now alone with Bridget, comes clean with her master plan to catch Henry (Kris Polaha) in the act of infidelity to avoid a divorce settlement or custody battle. Bridget is stunned.

Trying to cope with the difficult choice ahead, Bridget makes a trip to NA to confront her demons and find some strength. Unfortunately, things get tricky when Juliet follows her there.

Bridget leaves with a new outlook and heads to the loft to try and reason with Gemma. Gemma is set on her plan though and promises to reveal everything if Bridget doesn’t go through with it. Bridget assures her that she won’t and heads to plan B – Henry.

Meeting Henry at a bar, Bridget tells him that Gemma knows all about the affair and her plan. She tries to convince him to go home and work things out with his wife, but he is done living a lie – and now he’s angry.

In a surprise change of heart, Gemma is finally touched by Bridget’s plea and agrees to keep her secret. She heads home only to be intersected with a phone call from a livid Henry who is not amused by her plot to take his children away from him.

Meanwhile, when Andrew sits Juliet down to discuss her problem, deciding that public school is the best solution, Juliet freaks out and accuses Siobhan of being a home wrecker.

Bridget returns home to an upset Andrew. We find out that the married man Juliet was talking about was her father, not Henry.  One secret exposed at a time.  The couple head out the find Juliet at a bar and after a heartfelt apology by Bridget for all of Siobhan’s mistakes, Juliet and Bridget make peace – at least temporarily so.

Gemma makes a desperate call to Andrew asking him to come over: “it’s an emergency.”  When Andrew arrives at her apartment, an anxious Henry tells him she hasn’t been home and gets rid of him rather quickly. As Henry walks back through the apartment, we see blood stains on the walls. My question – where are their kids?

That does it for this week’s episode of Ringer. The preview for next week gives us little hope that Gemma survived this episode, and if she’s out of the picture for good, where does this leave Henry and his obsession with Siobhan?

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