Ringer Season 1-06 ‘Poor Kids Do It Everyday’ Recap

This week on Ringer, it’s Juliet’s (Zoey Deutch) first day of public school and who better to greet her in first period than a hot teacher, Veronica Mars Alum Jason Dohring. Almost like a reward for handing over her stash to her new and improved step mother.

In a stunning change of pace, Henry (Kris Polaha) confronts Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) about the whereabouts of his wife.  At the end of last episode, it seemed like a clear cut case of domestic disturbance, but either Henry is a really good actor or something else entirely happened to Gemma (Tara Summers). After coming to his senses, or in an attempt to confuse Bridget further, he uses his key to her apartment to have another round of confessions.

The authorities finally get wise to Malcolm’s (Mike Colter) abduction, but when Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is called in to investigate, the evidence takes him straight to the source, only to be shut down for lack of warrant at arrival.  When the judge finally issues a warrant, the perps are already one step ahead and have moved Malcolm to a location yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Bridget makes a judgment call and goes to the authorities with an anonymous tip about Gemma’s disappearance that leads them straight to the evidence and to Henry. A twist in the case brings things full circle as Bridget is now diverting attention away from her new life by making herself the prime suspect in the missing person’s case.

Meanwhile Juliet’s first day doesn’t go quite the way she had planned, her new start turns into a bit of a nightmare and lands her in the principal’s office before last bell. Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is called in for a meeting with the principal and it looks like he’s already made up his mind about this one. Surprisingly enough, the hot teacher comes to Juliet’s rescue and gives her the happy ending she deserved.

The episode closes with a call from a mystery goon to Siobhan in Paris with, “the Gemma problem has been taken care of.” I guess the guilty party is claiming responsibility – at least to fans.

This is an interesting new development for Juliet, connecting with her teacher after only one day.  The hot for teacher storyline, yes please! Give us more!

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