Ringer Season 1-07 ‘Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?’ Recap

This week’s episode of Ringer opens with camera crews surrounding the Butler brownstone as a flustered Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) takes on the press. Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is watching the whole affair on the television from the comfort of her living room.  A concerned Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) tries to take her mind off the tragic events, but Bridget is intent on helping in the investigation despite her tampering.

The cops show up to escort Bridget, still posing as Siobhan (also Gellar) to the station to question her about the whereabouts of her twin in connection with the disappearance of Gemma (Tara Summers).

Meanwhile, Juliet (Zoey Deutch) is still earning back the trust of her father and pushes for a weekend away with friends.

Andrew is taken to headquarters along with his wife when phone records reveal he is the last person Gemma spoke with before her disappearance.  It doesn’t take long before everyone is in the know about the existence of Siobhan’s twin, although shockingly they seem like they might already have known..is this another plot twist or part of Bridget’s plan?

After the commercial break, we learn Bridget revealed herself  – well, that Siobhan has a twin – to Andrew and Henry the day before in order to avoid surprises.

In another smart move, Bridget leaves a message for herself on Siobhan’s phone saying that she messed up and is leaving town.  Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is less than eager to believe her convenient story, but still reaches out to Siobhan in an effort to locate Malcolm (Mike Colter) who is also still missing – but not for long.

We catch up with a drugged Malcolm in the back of a painter’s van being driven by some thugs.

Andrew confronts Siobhan about the kind of person Bridget is and if she is a risk to them.  It’s an emotional scene as Bridget recalls tender moments with Malcolm and defends herself to a worried Andrew.  Desperate for some understanding, she calls on her new sponsor Charlie (Billy Miller).

Malcolm manages to escape from his captors for long enough to get back to his apartment, gather some resources and run.

Bridget calls on Charlie for more than just a shoulder to cry on.  Charlie is a former police officer and Bridget wants to know where the cops have gotten in their investigation.

Malcolm hops on a bus headed for desination unknown only to be met at the other end by the same thugs he was running from.  After a brief confrontation, he once again is free – at least temporarily.

Charlie comes up with some insight.  Gemma’s car is still missing and he thinks it could lead to some clues.  Luckily, Bridgiet knows exactly where the missing car is.

Juliet proves that she has changed, helping a drunk friend make the right decision not to drink and drive.  While Andrew and Bridget head to the opening of Gemma’s new building sans Gemma.  Bridget once again tries to explain why Siobhan didn’t tell the people closest to her about her own twin.  This leads to a moment of honesty between the hapy couple that maybe Bridget wasn’t prepared for, and definitely something that she has to make a decision about.

In a twist of events, we find out the Charlie isn’t exactly the helpful bystander that we orginally imagined.  It turns out the he is Siobhan’s mystery man and Bridget has led him right to any remaining evidence in Gemma’s disappearance.  It looks like he knows exactly what happened to Gemma.

The true identity of Charlie definitely through me for a loop, but it makes sense that Siobhan’s eyes and ears would have infiltrated her old life.

With Malcolm in New York, how long before Bridget’s secret becomes a secret no longer?