Ringer Season 1-08 ‘Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead’ Recap

This episode of Ringer seems to solve one problem for Bridget, only to have several others come to the surface.

At the opening to Gemma’s (Tara Summers) building, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) faints in a very public forum which lands her in the hospital.  As a precaution, the doctor orders an ultrasound be taken of the baby.  Problem:  Siobhan (also Gellar) is the one that’s pregnant, not Bridget – and Bridget hasn’t yet figured out how to handle this.  Ultrasound performed + no baby = problem solves itself.

Meanwhile, Juliet (Zoey Deutch) is still having problems with the mean girl at school. She, however, has had no problem coming on to her new hottie teacher, Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring), who appropriately turns her efforts away.

Malcolm (Mike Colter) is in New York now and brings new complications to Bridget’s current situation which is already heating up.  An unfortunate side effect of his recent abduction – an old habit, heroine. Agent Machado (Nester Carbonell) picks Malcolm up looking for answers in his search for Bridget, but comes up empty.

Bridget still is in the dark about Charlie’s (Billy Miller) real identity but she confides in him once again. From the sound of his conversation with Siobhan – still in Paris – is seems like he might be in over his head.  Could Charlie really be more like hired protection courtesy of Siobhan to keep Bridget safe?

Agent Machado uses some naughty persuasion to convince “Siobhan” to wear a wire when meeting with Malcolm. Fortunately, Bridget and her quick thinking saves the day. When Bridget realizes that Malcolm is now using again, she tries her own hand at persuasion to convince him to let her help him this time around.

The “loss” of the baby causes avoid in the Martin household and Bridget tries to smooth things over by attending one of Andrew’s business meetings. This worked out splendidly if you are Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), but if you were Siobhan’s Paris lover, an employee of Martin/Charles, the stunning look-a-like may have ruined the evening. Now Siobhan has some more cleaning up to do as her plans have turned sour.

The renewed sense of loyalty between Bridget and Andrew is quickly tested when Malcolm shows up, but luckily they remain steadfast. In the morning Bridget takes Malcolm to see Charlie hoping that he can help in his recovery – too bad he’s a fraud!

How will these new developments play out now that Siobhan is once again in financial trouble and probably more than a little peeved?  Bridget obviously has developed real feelings for Andrew, will she act on them or come up with another web of lies to avoid? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!