Ringer Season 1-09 ‘Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna’ Recap

When Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) first arrived, although Juliet (Zoey Deutch) didn't know there was a new woman in the house, she seemed to take personal offense and destroyed Siobhan's (also Gellar) wedding dress. Somehow it was salvaged, but its spot in the closet - the hiding place for a gun with a mixed history.

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When Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) first arrived, although Juliet (Zoey Deutch) didn’t know there was a new woman in the house, she seemed to take personal offense and destroyed Siobhan’s (also Gellar) wedding dress.  Somehow it was salvaged, but its spot in the closet – the hiding place for a gun with a mixed history.

This brings to the surface the real story behind how she got her hands on it – overpowering a trained FBI agent never really settled well.  Once again who does she turn to? Charlie (Billy Miller). Things aren’t looking up for anyone now, unless you are Gemma Butler (Tara Summers) and you’re still alive!

NA has a new member, Malcolm (Mike Colter) is 6 days clean and back in rotation. When Bridget arrives, she happily hands the gun over to Charlie to dispose of..but no one watching is fooled about him legitimately doing such.

Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) makes an office visit with his twins to see Andrew (Ioan Guffudd) about their business dealings.  This time around he seems in a much friendlier mood, even calling Andrew “Uncle Andrew.”

Coffee with Malcolm sends Bridget into a frenzy and she frantically searches the apartment for anything that might connect Siobhan to men trying to hurt her.  This search leads her to a pill bottle (the one Siobhan left her wedding ring in perhaps?) and to a therapist.  First question that sparks my interest: “Why are you calling yourself Siobhan Martin?”

Turns out the tangled web of lies that Siobhan created for herself in New York and abroad are coming to Bridget’s attention. Will Bridget’s natural radar for the truth sense that Siobhan may still be alive?  She is willing to admit that she’s “falling in love with Andrew” in the safety of therapy.  This may be the one place where she can really be honest about her feelings as Siobhan, confusing but helpful all the same.

Andrew and his partner are still not seeing eye to eye.  She may be able to intimidate the staff, but Andrew remains unamused.  An urgency at the office may force Andrew to overstep his comfort zone and persuade Henry to use his connection with his wealthy father-in-law to land him a new investor.

Fraud or not, Charlie seems to actually be helping Malcolm overcome his addiction.  Charlie walks the line between angel-in-disguise and heathen.  Something about Charlie however strikes Malcolm as off and he does some snooping of his own.  Are we in for an intervention of a different sort in the near future?

Bridget meanwhile takes things into her own hands and raids her shrinks office looking for more info.  She’s caught red handed by Dr. Anabel Morris (Merle Dandridge) which lands her in a sticky situation, but she manages to escape with a copy of the notes from Siobhan’s last session.

Malcolm’s instincts lead him to a locker that may contain some evidence to Charlie’s real identity.  Bridget’s new info leads her to some truth’s of her own.  She finds herself at a bar where “Charlie” is drinking it up, apparently a regular at this establishment – the bartender outs him as John.

The plot thickens as a call from Siobhan clears a few things up.  The plan all along was to get Bridget to New York.  Was she the key in Siobhan’s plans?  Is Bridget keeping this secret the point of the hired protection?

Malcolm and Siobhan brainstorm ways to reveal more of who John really is – the best idea yet, check out his other apartment.

Olivia Charles (Jaime Murray) decides to go behind Andrew’s back and use Henry.  While he’s occupied with the kids, she checks out his cell phone and finds a picture of the Siobhan and him – this might be just the leverage Olivia needs to bring out the “killer instinct” in Andrew once again.

Bridget lures Charlie out under false pretenses.  Malcolm gets his chance to raid John’s apartment, but he might not be in the clear.  John gets suspicious when Bridget asks for the gun back and makes a quick exit.  A call to Siobhan confirms that he’s aware that Bridget knows more than she’s saying.

The show heads into its holiday hiatus for the next couple of months, when our beloved characters return in January will Siobhan finally reveal herself to be alive or stay in the dark playing puppet master?  How long can Bridget stay safe with this secret?  What happens if it comes too close to hurting her new family?

So many questions, so long a wait!

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