Ringer Season 1-11 ‘It Just Got Normal’ Recap

Ringer. Is. Back. And things are just starting to get good.

Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the real Siobhan, has come home and she doesn’t look like she’s up to any clean fun.

Two days before, Bridget (also Gellar) endures a dinner with a couple that at least half of it doesn’t seem very fond of Siobhan. It looks like the other couple are the parents of one of Juliet’s (Zoey Deutch) former schoolmates.

The less-than-charming wife, an upper east side version of a Stepford wife, is involved with some charity work. Her next charity event is to raise money for the public school that Juliet is now attending. When Siobhan steps up to advocate for the cause, the host is taken off guard. Apparently the real Siobhan wasn’t much for the mass educated.

Henry (Kris Polaha) reaches out to Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) for answers to his wife’s murder. He is now convinced that Bridget is the key to solving the mystery. Starting to put together the pieces takes him to an unhappy place. Machado is putting some pieces together himself. He’s matching Charlie’s (Billy Miller) history with what he knows about Bridget’s whereabouts. The puzzle is starting to look dim for Bridget.

Andrew and Siobhan are still in a perfect place. What will happen when the inevitable reveal takes place?

The real Siobhan is planning something and it involves Martin/Charles. She tries to break into his work computer, but it looks like Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) was smart enough to change the password. She is pegging Tyler as the father of her child. She convinces him that she is trying to get the truth about some unlawful business practices. After hanging up, it doesn’t take her long to seek out her former lover. Siobhan obviously still has strong feelings for him as he’s the father of her unborn child.

Henry is finally over listening to Siobhan’s excuses, and freshly back in the game, she’s caught off guard. He catches a moment of weakness and agrees to give her five minutes.

Juliet isn’t in any rush to return to school after her indiscretions. Her first run-in with Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring) can best be described as awkward. When she finds out that the fundraiser is being held in her own apartment, she freaks out – to put it mildly. She is able to pull it together, but her excuse comes off flat.

Malcolm (Mike Colter) bails on group therapy for a job interview. He’s running out of options and his stay in New York might be coming to an end. if the meeting he works is any sign, he’s a shoe in.

When the Martin’s leave the apartment, Siobhan makes her move. She heads in to find the financial info she’s been after. Best guess, she’s only interested in securing her financial state. She looks positively disgusted with the happy couple routine Bridget and Andrew have fallen into. The elevator doors open and in walks Andrew, Siobhan is forced to hide in her former abode. The irony. Her look of disgust is almost off the charts when she gets a front row seat to the love fest.

Siobhan just can’t resist the temptations and takes a closer look. She leaves Bridget unaware, but makes off with her fabulously expensive new wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Siobhan loses her shot with Henry after not showing up. Too bad, naughty girl!

All dressed up and staying in, Bridget and Andrew look captivating. Juliet decides to hide in her bedroom instead of facing the heat. She admits to a friend that things are in a good place with her father and step-mother and she likes it. When Andrew forces her to get dressed, she puts on her fierce party girl dress and downs a few martinis. Things start going sour when she has a drunken, jealous moment.

Step-mother to the rescue. Bridget comforts Juliet with some words of wisdom and gets Juliet to spill the beans about Mr. Carpenter. Bridget responds by making a beeline for him, and showing him the inside of her palm. Mama bear makes herself known and threatens to kill him if he comes near Juliet again. But Juliet isn’t so grateful for this act of love.

In the midst of the party, Henry shows up to confront a dumbfounded faux-Siobhan. It turns out that all the reasons for the unwanted hate coming from the women from dinner, Greer, stemmed from her knowing about the affair. Now that Bridget has mended burnt bridges, will Greer be the new Gemma (Tara Summers), in a lesser manner of speaking that is?

Agent Machado heads to the Hamptons to dig up some more dirt of the Bridget/Charlie connection. What he finds is some interesting new developments that lead him straight to Siobhan. Who is still trying to plead her case with Henry. She is doing some crazy injustice to the hard work Bridget has done to make things right.

Even though Bridget claimed Siobhan’s life for her own after she thought her sister has committed suicide, it doesn’t seem right for a psychotic Siobhan to return to reclaim pieces of her own life at Bridget’s expense.

What do you think? Did you enjoy this week’s episode?


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