Ringer Season 1-12 ‘What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?’ Recap

Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) may still be on the hunt for the Charlie/Siobhan connection, but Siobhan (also Gellar) has another agenda. She continues her passionate plea to Henry (Kris Polaha). This episode isn’t wasting anytime getting to the good stuff. It looks like Siobhan really was in love with Henry, but how long will she stick around to make amends before she leaves Bridget to clean up yet another mess? Henry is understandably confused with Siobhan’s sudden change of temperature – going from frigid to warm and loving all in one foul swoop.

He’s not alone. Bridget is getting a surprise of her own when she walks into her penthouse to find a women’s belongings strung through the apartment. Her first instinct is to assume Juliet (Zoey Deutch) has been throwing herself a pity party, what with her recent return to bad girl antics.  This suspicion doesn’t last long, when as if perfectly timed, the elevator door opens and in walks the girl in question. They find a house guest in the tub who apparently believes in pouring her own drink – Juliet’s mother. And, now we see where Juliet gets her attitude from.

Bridget puts on a brave face with Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) ex in town. Another women that it looks like isn’t interested in staying around long enough to handle her responsibilities. It looks like Bridget will have someone else’s mess to clean up before too long. Conversation between the happy couple shifts to the investigation into Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring), an unpleasant topic to say the least. This is before Catherine (Andrea Roth) and Juliet make a mad dash for the door.

Siobhan is still stringing Tyler along. Convinced he is the father of her unborn child, he agrees to help her with whatever r scheme she’s cooking up. Although it hardly seems fair that she should have two guys grovelling at her feet. Meanwhile she heads straight for the pawn shop to trade in that gorgeous ring she stole from the penthouse on last week’s episode for some quick cash.

Bridget is having better luck tracking down the lead from Charlie’s apartment. A call to the hotel in Paris gives Bridget more than she might have bargained for. She was looking for answers to a mystery, but may have found one she didn’t know existed – Siobhan’s double life.

Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is somewhere much less appealing than a penthouse on 5th Avenue – prison. He’s come to make a deal with the agent that let Bridget get out of dodge. Machado is accompanied by a stunningly handsome sidekick, crossing my fingers that he turns up in more episodes to come!

The receptionist at Martin/Charles is extraordinarily helpful to Bridget. At least someone in that office is not a frigid bitch. With a little more information, Bridget is starting to put the pieces together. If Siobhan has been dead for all these months, how is she having romantic interludes with Paris-based business men and recent enough stays at hotels for the concierge to remember? And the issue might become more pressing when Andrew shows up at home with news of that same humongous diamond ring he bought his lovely bride that we recently saw at a pawn shop.

Bridget isn’t the only cone getting caught up with the twin act. While she’s pretending to be her sister, Siobhan is trying her hardest to convince people that she’s real, yet slide just under the radar, all at the same time.

The principal from Juliet’s school comes by with a little video that just might change her tune. It looks like her tale is about to take a tail spin. Hitting on a teacher in the hallway? Not your smartest move, darling! And, her mother doesn’t waste anytime showing her true colors. This time Bridget isn’t so willing to play nice, she’s got a little bit more in common with her sister than we may have given her credit for.

A romantic dinner for her heads south when Henry tries his hand at figuring out the puzzle. In an ironic twist, he accuses her of not only killing his wife, but being Bridget. Things start to get good when Agent Machado shows up to the party. A finger print test proves everyone’s suspicions wrong, but Siobhan isn’t off the hook yet. Although she has the answers to most of the questions thrown her way, she is still left holding a passport with the alias ‘Cora Farrel’ to explain.

The yummy agent shows his face again at the prison, this time the ex-agent seems more willing to cooperate. Prison is not a good look on him. Everything looks on the up and up until we find out that the information he traded wasn’t what they were after. Lies are apparently the price you pay in prison if you hope to stay alive. Machado doesn’t buy the story and decides to stay in New York.

Things erupt in the Martin household when Mommy Dearest starts with the drunken psycho ex act and Juliet is left picking up the pieces. Bridget takes over the mothering role, trying to explain away the pain. When Catherine comes to pick up her bags in the morning before she heads back to Miami, she leaves Bridget with a clue that might help clear up a few things.

A little word puzzle gets Bridget a new lead. This lead comes in a fancy car with a driver that knows more than he might realize. In another twist, Siobhan was in Wyoming before Bridget headed to New York. What was Siobhan looking for?

But, the surprises don’t end there! Juliet’s nemesis from school shows up at her apartment and accuses Mr. Carpenter of forcing himself on her as well. Juliet looks shocked.  Not quite as shocked as Henry when Siobhan leads him straight to Bridget and confesses she is still pregnant with their child. Wow!

That cliffhanger leaves us more than a bit curious at what Siobhan hopes to gain from this admission. Does she think her and Henry will now be able to pick up where they left off? Or, is she just a heinous witch looking to destroy what Bridget has worked so hard to build? Either way, there is guaranteed to be some drama on the horizon!