Ringer Season 1-17 ‘What We Have Is Worth The Pain’ Recap

The cards have sure been stacked on Ringer after the last episode, and with the hope of renewal on the chopping block it couldn’t have come soon enough.

Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) still thinks that Siobhan (also Gellar) is dead and now not only is Tyler (Justin Bruening) a goner, but Malcolm (Mike Colter) is missing too.

Siobhan actually seems stunned at the news that Tyler has been murdered, but not surprised. A flashback reveals that Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) threatened to kill her when she confronted him about the ponzi scheme six months before. Maybe Siobhan had more reason than we think to fake her death and come looking for revenge. Having Bridget take the fall for everything back in New York must feel like a double reward. But, will she really be able to let her twin go down?

With Tyler dead, the mood at Martin/Charles should be lifting, right? Wrong. Olivia (Jaime Murray) and Andrew are in full panic mode when they find out that the flash drive is a fake. All fingers point to “Siobhan.”

This new, scary version of Andrew is completely unsettling. Could Andrew really have been behind the hit on Siobhan? Until now, I would have said he was harmless but he certainly is working the Jekyll and Hyde angle.

Back in Wyoming, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is getting his investigation on. Isn’t having words with the suspect against the rules?

The tracker app on Malcolm’s cell might lead Bridget right to him. Which is not at F.B.I. headquarters where he is supposed to be, ready to testify. And, not with his cell phone. A bum picked the phone up after his mystery kidnapper tossed it. Security footage shows that Andrew paid Malcolm a visit before he went poof.

Meanwhile, Andrew is still putting on a semi-strong front for Juliet (Zoey Deutch) but it’s Juliet who is the voice of reason. Too bad she doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Juliet heads for a hotel room, that I thought would have contained a very speechless step-mother, but unfortunately is just contains her mother. On the way up she has an interesting encounter with a tall, dark and handsome type that likes to hit things. It doesn’t take long to figure out that he’s probably the guy that hit Tessa (Gage Golightly) all the way to the I.C.U. Hasn’t he been paid already?

Looks like he’s looking for some extra buck for his bang. Tessa meets up with our girl Juliet for some coffee and catch up, and I.D.’s the guy from his tattoo. Mommy Dearest probably didn’t see this scenario in her magic miror!

Siobhan heads back to New York and straight to Henry (Kris Polaha). This time around he doesn’t seem as excited to be in on the plan. Finally, Siobhan is forced to come clean about her dead son and why she’s so eager to let Bridget pay for it with her life. The truth still seems distorted coming through her lips.

She isn’t the only one coming clean, Solomon (Sean Patrick Thomas) lays out everything he knows about her NOT being Siobhan Martin and really being Bridget Kelly. Unlike Henry, he still seems to be on her side after the revelation.

While Henry acts as the diversion and gets Bridget to the apartment, Siobhan pays Andrew a visit at the office. Another play to turn him against Bridget so he can finish the job. Olivia overhears and runs packing.

Bridget is lured to the loft by a text claiming to be Malcolm in trouble. She is smart enough to take her hired gun with her. Good thing too because it looks like the text came from Andrew. Or not. Andrew has come to confess his undying love for her and it is touching really, until someone decides to try to shoot Bridget. Andrew dives in front of her and takes a bullet, so it might be more appropriate to say he confessed his dying love for her.

What would Siobhan think of his feeling for Bridget? It has got to sting that he fell in love with the twin she hates and is willing to do everything he wasn’t prepared to do before to keep her!

Previews for next episode show Henry at the hospital. Does he think Siobhan has gone slightly over the edge and Bridget needs to know the truth? We can only hope!


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