Ringer Season 1-21 ‘It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!’ Recap

When we last left the upper east side, things had dangerously unraveled on Ringer and Bridget’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) life was now hanging in the balance as Catherine (Andrea Roth) desperately looked for a way to finally have her revenge.

Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) frantically tries to reach Siobhan/Bridget with no success after he finds a clue that points right to Catherine. Catherine, meanwhile, leaves Bridget in the bathtub unconscious with the water running and almost makes a clean getaway – except it looks like she’s forgotten something. The fact that she is about the become a murderer, perhaps?

Before Machado can make it to save the day, he’s stopped by federal agents – breaking and entering rings a bell.

Catherine searches the apartment for the cell phone that links her to the attempt on Siobhan’s (also Gellar) life, but is interrupted by Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). Good thing Bridget threw it under the couch before she was incapacitated. Catherine tries to distract him with superficial tricks but when the water runs over the tub, Andrew takes Bridget out of harms way before she drowns. Unfortunately, Catherine is full of tricks and her next one involves a gun.

Siobhan is up to no good of course. She tells Henry (Kris Polaha) that she will stay out of his affairs, but goes looking for counterfeit passports. Ones that won’t pass the security screening – what is Siobhan up to?

At FBI headquarters Machado is pleading for someone to head over to the Martin residence to help. Things at the penthouse aren’t exactly going well. Catherine has come up with a new murder-suicide plot that she thinks will leave her looking like the innocent victim. Agents show up, but with Catherine in the apartment, there’s no way to let them know the situation.

Siobhan tries one more time to convince the maid to recant her statement against Henry. Turns out she’s moonlights as a call girl. Interesting.

Juliet (Zoey Deutch) comes home to an unfortunate looking situation. Catherine has a gun pointed at Andrew and Bridget. And now things really get crazy. Who does Catherine call when panic sets in? Olivia (Jaime Murray)! Whom she calls baby. I did not see this one coming.

The lover’s quarrel gets a little loud and now everyone knows that Olivia is an accomplice in the shenanigans. She, however, seems to be the voice of reason in this scenario. Catherine is not happy when she tells her that she’s on her own with this mess, and that’s when Catherine really starts to come unhinged.

This gives the rest of the gang time to snatch the cell phone from under the couch and call Machado. Catherine falls right into the trap. She confesses to Olivia’s location. It looks like Catherine is not nearly as crafty as we gave her credit for.

Back at the Russian maid, call girl, whatever’s place Siobhan is still negotiating when a client comes knocking. Siobhan get’s shoved in a closet while a different kind of knocking takes place. If this couldn’t be more painful, it looks like Siobhan may be in labor. Even worse, the girl dies from a drug overdose before Siobhan can get out of the closet.

Bridget volunteers to go with Catherine as her hostage. I had my money on her confessing to being Bridget to get out of this one, but there’s still time. At least Andrew and Juliet will be in the clear.

Henry rushes to the hospital and finds Siobhan on her way to surgery. An emergency C-section doesn’t sound good.

Instead of rushing the penthouse guns blazing, Machado tries a different strategy. Now that he knows where Olivia is, he heads there. Catherine and Bridget should be along shortly. An ambush ensues, and Catherine winds up with her hands behind her back.

Siobhan and Henry are now the proud parents of twin girls. Or so Siobhan thinks. Henry requests a paternity test the first chance he gets. What happens if it turns out Andrew is the father?

Only one episode left, time to come clean Bridget.