Ringer Season 1-04 ‘It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It’ Recap

On tonight’s episode of Ringer, Bridget’s secret becomes a more pressing issue as Agent Machado continues his investigation, bringing a new pawn into the mix and turning Bridget’s nightmare into reality. Siobhan and her secret accomplice are working a new angle that starts to reveal itself and Andrew obliviously plans an epic Birthday celebration as he clings onto the newfound happiness in his marriage.

Bridget’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) nightmare of being discovered by her sister’s husband and closest friends sinks into her subconscious and leaves her with a guilty conscious over the death of Siobhan (also Gellar). Although Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is pleasantly content with the renewed sense of romanticism in their marriage, Bridget is still playing things close to her vest, and looks for some alone time to get her through. Andrew, playing the supportive husband, tries to make up for past mistakes and suggests an alternative – a birthday celebration reminiscent of better times.

The couple head to the Hamptons for the weekend for a relaxing stay at their vacation house, only the memories that come along with it prove difficult for Bridget to handle. She leaves earlier in the day, and goes straight to the bus station to pick up the remaining evidence of Bridget’s arrival in New York.  Unfortunately, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) left it there as a trap and now he has cause to question the faux-Siobhan again, and this time with a little more push.

Andrew and Bridget share a moment on the beach before the arrival of their houseguests stirs some latent emotions in Bridget. In an effort to get back to normal, Andrew invited Gemma (Tara Summers) and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) to the beach house like old times for a Birthday weekend extravaganza. Both spouses are still in the dark about the affair between Siobhan and Henry, which is about to get even more complicated. Gemma continues to express her outrage at the current state of their marriage which leads to a broken vase that barely missed Henry.

A distressed Gemma heads out shopping after some coffee with Bridget and Agent Machado pays her a visit, filling her in on the story and leaving Gemma confused at what else she might not know about her best friend.

Meanwhile, Siobhan is still in Paris and seems to be having some problems of her own. With Bridget’s cash withdrawal from Siobhan’s secret account, she now is having trouble affording the luxuries that she is accustomed to – including her hotel stay. With a little manipulation, Tyler ( Justin Bruening) becomes the newest pawn in her yet-to-be revealed scheme.

He plays the tragic hero in this episode, coming through very knight in shining armor like and rescuing her with an unlimited hotel pass. But, Siobhan’s plan doesn’t stop there, some account numbers conveniently located in Tyler’s briefcase are starting to connect the dots.

Flashbacks to the twins as pre-teens, Bridget and Siobhan once shared a special bond. The two purchased a necklace with their limited funds and vowed to pass it back and forth on their birthday each year. This promise found itself stretched to its limits after and event caused the twins to all but sever ties 6 years before. The meaning behind the necklace was never lost, and still links the girls.

Henry catches Bridget wearing the necklace and knowing that it has a backstory uses it as a jump off point to remind her of the love she once had for him.  Unbeknownst to them, Gemma is waiting outside the door and overhears Henry’s confession.

Andrew pulls out all the stops to make sure this is a birthday to remember, but right after the couples sit down for dinner, Gemma, who is still jolted by the overwhelming news, bolts. Bridget, unaware of her new knowledge, volunteers to go after her.

Surprisingly, she is intersected in the house by Agent Machado. Bridget makes a convincing argument about wanting to help her sister, only to have it lose all meaning shortly after when he checks her phone and finds out the “Siobhan” has been in touch with Bridget’s sponsor.

Bridget tracks down Gemma only to be confronted about the affair. Backed into a corner, Bridget confesses her true identity.

The episode leaves fans wanting more. It looks like next week things will take a turn for the harsh as Gemma decides what to do with her anger and exclusive knowledge. And more importantly, what would Andrew do when he finds out the truth – will he turn his back on Bridget or find it in his heart to protect her?

Bridget has a whole new problem to tackle now, while Siobhan seems to have things back under control. Oh how the tables are turning.