Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Discusses Betty Cooper’s Sense Of Conviction

Although we’ve yet to reach the halfway point in Riverdale’s inaugural season, the mystery surrounding who killed Jason Blossom not only remains one of the focal points of the show, but it consistently makes for compelling television as significant details are seemingly divulged in each episode.

Just last week, we learned that Betty Cooper’s father was the one who cleaned out Sheriff Keller’s office while everyone else was otherwise occupied at the drive-in’s closing night. And while that’s pretty much tantamount to culpability, my better judgment says the true killer won’t be revealed until later on. But, it’s highly possible that Mr. Cooper may be covering for someone. As such, that will soon lead to his daughter flat out asking him if he’s a murderer.

CBR recently spoke with actress Lili Reinhart, Betty herself, about her character managing to stay so objective in an insane time, and she had this to say:

“Betty’s relationship with her parents has always been rocky and then, when she starts digging deeper into the murder with Jughead, she realizes that maybe her parents aren’t as innocent as she thought. To begin with, her relationship with them wasn’t great, she doesn’t really trust them that much, but now that they’re wrapped up in the murder investigation, she definitely distances herself, but she also is amazingly unbiased. If her parents do have anything to do with the murder, she is willing to find that out and she’s not willing to sacrifice her own personal feelings for the sake of solving this murder. She would rather know the truth and know if her parents really do have something to do with it. In episode 6, that’s a big Betty and Polly episode, where she kind of finds out what happened to Polly.”

Beyond this week’s episode, it sounds like none of us should expect Betty’s conviction to waver in the slightest, as Reinhart added:

“I think you see Betty’s determination and search for the truth just is constantly being amped up throughout Season 1 with each episode. She has more and more motivation to get to the bottom of this and find out why her parents are lying to her, and she’s willing to sacrifice her own personal relationships with her family in order to find out the truth. If her parents do have something to do with the murder, then she’s willing to expose that truth for the sake of solving the mystery.”

Riverdale airs on Thursday nights on The CW.

Source: CBR