Rob Zombie And Bret Easton Ellis Get Together To Make Charles Manson TV Series


It should come as no surprise to anybody that the director of House of 1,000 Corpses and the writer of American Psycho, Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis, respectively, are into some dark stuff. Now, thanks to Fox and Alcon Television, it looks like Ellis and Zombie will get to work together to craft a series about the Manson Family murders of 1969.

If we have learned anything about Zombie and Ellis’ sensibilities, we should expect a light, heartwarming show about a ragtag band of misunderstood kids led by a former songwriter that just want to take full advantage of the swinging 60’s by committing various whacky murders. Or, and this is more likely, the series will be as dark and gory as Fox and common decency will allow.

Extremely little is known about the project at this point except that Bret Easton Ellis is going to use the actual historical documents associated with the case to craft several interweaving narratives that eventually converge to form the larger story as a whole. It’s unclear if Zombie, who admits to being obsessed with the Manson Family murders since he was a child, will serve as a director as well as executive producer. Given his prowess behind the camera though, and his history of making a deranged group of serial killers somehow likeable by the third act (as he did in The Devil’s Rejects), it would seem like a perfect directorial fit.

Tell us, what do you think the show will turn out to be like? Will it be darker than dark with a hint of too much gore, or can we expect something more delicate? Let us know in the comments!