Ashoka Tano Show Rumored To Retcon The Sequel Trilogy

Ahsoka Tano The Mandalorian

Time to put on your tinfoil hat, because we’re about to take a deep dive into some wild theorizing and speculation. If you’ve ever heard the name Doomcock, then you’ll know the YouTuber has an intensely burning dislike of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, and has made some wild claims in the past about Lucasfilm planning to retcon Episodes VII, XIII and IX to wipe them from canon entirely.

Remember, this is the same person who said Robert Pattinson’s positive COVID-19 test that put him out of commission on The Batman for two weeks was an elaborately constructed ruse to cover up the fact he’d returned from the lengthy break in filming out of shape, while Doomcock also has a firm belief that George Lucas taking an active role in Star Wars again would fix the damage done by Kathleen Kennedy and her army of so-called ‘SJWs’.

After previously claiming that Kennedy was withholding a top secret and vastly superior Lucas Cut of The Rise of Skywalker from the public, the latest unsubstantiated rumor marks at least the third occasion now that Doomcock has claimed the Sequel Trilogy will be retconned. This time, though, Ahsoka Tano‘s solo series on Disney Plus will apparently be responsible, and you can read how it’s supposed to play out below.

“Favreau and Filoni are working to retcon the sequels out of canon on their own authority without consulting anyone else at Lucasfilm. The moment Luke took Grogu, everything in the timeline changed. Luke knows Grogu is being hunted at the end of The Mandalorian though he is not yet sure why. Luke training Grogu is putting a chain of events into motion that will erase the sequel trilogy. A chain of events that begins in Chapter 13: The Jedi. Ahsoka, up to this point, has already changed the Star Wars timeline and her entire purpose moving forward is to continue changing the timeline away from the sequel trilogy.”

So far, so standard, but Doomcock then gives a detailed description of what he says is a flashback scene from Ahsoka‘s first episode, which is where things really start to stretch the limits of plausibility.

“After Ahsoka’s initial meeting with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, she is watching him walking away when she hears a voice over her shoulder, ‘My how you have grown’. Ahsoka turns and sees Anakin’s force ghost smiling at her. They banter with each other fondly, Anakin calling her ‘Snips’ and Ahsoka deferring to him as Master Skywalker. Until Anakin gazes at Baby Yoda thoughtfully, ‘That one is strong with the Force’. Ahsoka nods, ‘Yes he is. The Mandalorian wants me to train him’. Anakin shakes his head, ‘No, that is a task for another. You have changed many things and must continue the path you are walking. You will go to The Mandalorian and tell him to take the young one to an old Jedi temple, there he will contact the Jedi master that will train him’. Ahsoka replies, ‘The one that destroyed the Empire?’. Anakin nods. She says, ‘Your son?’ And Anakin replies, ‘Yes. He has a great deal to learn’.”

That scene, which is written so poorly that it makes Lucas’ work on the prequel scripts look like Shakespeare, then supposedly leads to the introduction of the Veil of the Force and Palpatine’s Disney Plus debut as Ahsoka‘s latest foe. Of course, we shouldn’t have to tell you at this stage to take these latest Star Wars rumors with the largest possible helping of salt that you can find. While Lucasfilm may indeed have some sort of plan to fix their mistakes in the Sequel Trilogy, it seems highly unlikely that this is what’s in store.