Tilda Swinton Is The Frontrunner To Replace Peter Capaldi On Doctor Who

Tilda Swinton

After nearly 50 years on the air and over 13 different iterations of the popular British character, Doctor Who might finally become a woman. If recent rumors are to be believed, that is. With Peter Capaldi set to vacate the phone booth after this newest season, the position is wide open and, according to recent reports, Tilda Swinton is the frontrunner to lead the show.

ComicBook.com tells us that Swinton isn’t officially poised for the part, but she’s the most likely candidate at this point. Admittedly, it’s still very early on in the process, as the character won’t be introduced until this year’s Christmas Special, but it’s a promising first step. In light of the open casting card, many fans have clamored for a female version (and honestly, why not?), and it’s an encouraging, eager-filled new progression forward if they go in this direction.

Of course, it’s hard to say if Swinton will be available for such an extensive role. She’s often in demand and this year alone, the Doctor Strange standout will appear in three different movies, including Netflix’s War Machine and Okja, as well as Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake. She’s also featured in Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion animated Isle of Dogs, set for release in 2018. Who knows what else she’ll agree to, but it’s certainly not impossible to imagine her as the Doctor.

To add fuel to the rumor mill fire, Ladbrookes.com notes Swinton’s 7/2 odds that she’ll get the job. Of course, that doesn’t provide any confirmation, but people are confident that she’ll agree to do it. Swinton’s an excellent choice, and assuming she’s free to take on the role, she would make for an interesting, promising presence in the beloved British sci-fi series.

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