Rumored Punisher: War Journal Show Will Reportedly Feature Comic-Accurate Villains


The Punisher is currently in limbo at Marvel Studios. Jon Bernthal was excellent in the role, but despite many rumors, there’s been no official confirmation that any actors from the MCU Netflix shows will reprise their parts. In addition, the antihero is in an awkward political spot. The brutal, gun-toting vigilante doesn’t fit neatly into Disney’s stable of characters, which is compounded by the studio’s discomfort at his skull logo being appropriated by cops, who’ve been pictured wearing it as they beat protesters.

But Mikey Sutton of Geekosity says he’s got the inside scoop on a Punisher War Journal show coming to Hulu. That title comes from two well-regarded runs from Marvel Comics, with the most recent wrapping up in 2009. The story goes that this project will still follow Bernthal’s Punisher, though will ditch the realistic tone of the Netflix show in favor of gory and violent action that’s closer to Garth Ennis’ defining take on him.

One factor Sutton highlights is that the series will feature comic-accurate villains. It’s worth remembering that Frank Castle has a bit of a problem in building a rogues gallery, as anyone that goes up against him usually ends their story in a coffin (if they’re lucky). Some possible contenders, though, could be The Russian (who previously made it to the screen in the Thomas Jane movie), the bizarre gun-armed Bushwhacker, the homicidal Barracuda and, of course, Jigsaw.

Sutton acknowledges that we’ve already seen the MCU Jigsaw as played by Ben Barnes, though claims that the new show would depict a far more grisly and gross version of him in line with the comics. Of course, we previously got a hint at what this might look like in the extremely underrated Punisher: War Zone, in which Dominic West’s take on him was sliced to ribbons after being thrown into a glass recycling machine.

But will Marvel Studios really go for an intensely gory Punisher? Well, they’ve already confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be rated R, so who knows?