War Machine Disney Plus Series May Introduce Ironheart Into The MCU

war machine in Avengers Infinity War 1

Terrence Howard must still be kicking himself after getting booted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Iron Man, with Don Cheadle stepping into his shoes and establishing Colonel James Rhodes as one of the franchise’s most recognizable supporting characters. Rhodey has appeared in seven MCU movies to date, and having survived the events of Avengers: Endgame, it stands to reason that he’ll be sticking around for a while yet.

While Rhodey has always played second fiddle on the big screen to the other members of the Avengers, a solo outing was on the cards for War Machine at one stage, before the project fell apart. However, speculation has continued that Tony Stark’s best friend could be set for his own Disney Plus series, something we reported on last year, and a new rumor has now hinted that not only is it back on the cards, but it could also serve as the means to introduce Ironheart into the MCU.

Per the latest report on the project, the proposed War Machine show will be more military-orientated, presumably as the government attempts to weaponize the tech used by both Tony Stark and Thanos’ army. It also claims that Riri Williams will play a role, which would tie into what we’ve heard recently about Ironheart also getting the Disney Plus treatment, with her being brought in as a recurring character alongside an MCU veteran like Rhodey before spinning her off into her own limited series.

On the surface, War Machine seems to have little purpose or direction in the franchise without Tony, and a solo show could offer a way to dive deeper into the man inside the suit, because despite being around for over a decade we still don’t know a lot about him. They could even use the abandoned idea from Endgame and make him Vice President if it ends up fitting the narrative. Time will tell, but if executed properly, it could certainly be an interesting series.