Ruth Connell Confirms Supernatural Return


Throughout the course of its thirteen seasons, Supernatural has introduced no shortage of memorable characters to orbit Sam and Dean Winchester. And while not all of them may enjoy the perks that come with being granted a spinoff show to call their own, there are those whom we simply can’t imagine the series without.

Of course, names such as Castiel and Lucifer immediately come to mind – who were introduced in seasons 4 and 5, respectively – but a somewhat recent addition whom many of us couldn’t help but fall in love with was that of Rowena, the scarlet-haired witch played by Ruth Connell. And since her debut in season 10, Ruth has shown us that even if you’re playing a villain (though she’s been a bit ambiguous at times), you’ll accrue a generous fan base if you do your job well enough.

Now, if you’re current on the series, then you’d know Rowena has died twice – both times at the hands of Lucifer. And although a magical contingency brought her back the first time, being burnt to a crisp in the season 12 finale looked pretty decisive.

Well, as we know, death seldom proves permanent for popular characters on Supernatural, and this case is no different. In a recent Facebook post, Connell was seen to type “#Witchisback…. ? #Rowena February 1st!” before posting a link to the IMDb listing for episode 13×12, titled “Various & Sundry Villans” (sic).

Truth be told, we should’ve seen this coming when Dean was given a warning of a possible death via the machinations of a redheaded witch, but you can never be too sure. Regardless, we’ll just have to see if we’ll be rejoining the Rowena we’ve come to know, or if she hails from a parallel universe.

Supernatural returns with new episodes on Thursday, January 18 on The CW.