Ryan Murphy says he’s interested in rebooting ‘Glee’, as if we haven’t suffered enough

Image via Fox

Fear for the future, because Ryan Murphy is about to open Pandora’s Box and bring Glee back from the dead. The cult musical comedy show became a big hit soon after its 2009 debut, though rapidly went off the rails in later seasons as the drama cranked up to surreal levels of intensity and they clumsily tackled heavy topics way beyond what the format could handle.

In 2015, Fox wrapped Glee up and fans breathed a sigh of relief. But now, Ryan Murphy is heading to the graveyard with a shovel and a determined look on his face. In an appearance on the ‘And That’s What You Really Missed’ podcast, Murphy raised the prospect of Glee‘s resurrection:

“Should we do a reboot of it in some way? Should we do a Broadway musical of it? It’s sort of like an interesting legacy that I’m interested in doing in a positive way after pausing for a while.”

Social media reaction was swift. Keep Glee where it belongs – in a sealed wooden box six feet under with a stake pounded through its heart. Here’s how it went down:

Is this a tease or a threat?

Ryan Murphy has clearly gone mad with power:

Please, Mr. Murphy, our lives are already difficult:

And this mumbled mind-broken horror says it all:

Right now, this cursed project sounds like nothing more than a half-formed thought in Murphy’s head. Let’s hope it stays there, as we think Glee coming back is right up there with blood raining from the sky, plagues of locusts, and the arrival of the Four Horsemen as portends of the apocalypse.