Sarah Michelle Gellar Becomes Buffy The Vampire Slayer Again In Awesome New Photo

buffy the vampire slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar is dressed to slay in her latest post on Instagram. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star gave her fans a treat with the new photo which sees her donning one of Buffy Summers’ most iconic outfits, dating back to season 1 finale – titled “Prophecy Girl” – which first aired 23 years ago.

“All dressed up and no where to go,” the actress wrote in her caption, before quoting the heroine’s final line in the aforementioned episode: “I say we party.” Check out the photo for yourself down below:

In “Prophecy Girl,” vampire mastermind the Master unleashed his plans to bring about hell on Earth on the night of the big school dance. Buffy didn’t let that stop her from looking her best, though, so she threw a leather jacket on top, armed herself with a crossbow and set out to defeat the supervillain. Thanks to appearing in such a key episode and also symbolizing the two sides of her character, it’s one of Buffy’s most famous costumes – not to mention a favorite of cosplayers. So, it means a lot to see Gellar recreating it two decades later.

But will Gellar ever get to recreate the character on screen? Well, Joss Whedon is producing a reboot, which sounds like it could be more of a sequel/legacy series going by comments from showrunner Monica Owusu-Green. The original Slayer has said before though that she’s not planning to reprise her beloved role for the project, feeling that Buffy’s story was all about her being a teen/young adult.

Still, as this photo makes clear, the actress is proud of the seven years she played Buffy. In fact, Gellar’s definitely not shying away from its popularity, as her social media feed is full of Buffy the Vampire Slayer throwback pics and memes. But if she ever does change her mind, this pic proves that she would still look the part.