Go Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones Season Three With This Visual Effects Breakdown

Game of Thrones

While we’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones next year, we’ve been kept entertained with little bits and pieces of news and other goodies. We’ve had numerous casting announcements that include Pedro Pascal as Prince Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper), Indira Varma as his lover Ellaria Sand, Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Mace Tyrell, and Mark Gatiss in a still-unknown role. Just yesterday, we even got a look at a great deleted scene from the upcoming season three Blu-Ray featuring a confrontation between Tywin Lannister and Grand Maester Pycell.

Today, via Comic Book Movie, we have a little look behind the scenes. This is for those who have been wondering just how much CGI goes into the show. Much of it is so seamless, that it becomes hard to tell where reality stops and the effects begin. It’s a fascinating look at how everything comes together, showing us different effects throughout season three including climbing The Wall, Mance Rayder’s camp, the army of Unsullied, and The Twins (home of House Frey).

It may take a little of the magic out of it (I’m extremely disappointed that they didn’t find a real 600-foot wall and climb it), but it’s fascinating to see just how minimal some of the sets are before the entirety of the shot is revealed. We already knew that a lot of work went into the making of the show, but now we can see just how much work goes into the post-production as well.

Season four of Game of Thrones, based on the latter part of A Storm of Swords, is currently filming with its premiere expected sometime in late March/early April. To whittle away a little more time until then, check out the visual effects breakdown below and let us know what you think in the comments!