Scorpion Review: “Talisman” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Scorpion - Episode 1.10 - Talismans - Promotional Photos

This week, Scorpion also addressed the romantic tension between Happy and Toby by separating them from the others and sending them on a side adventure. Toby sort of confesses to having feelings that Happy already knows about, or as Toby put it, “If we’re going to die, I might as well say some stuff.” Of course, Happy is all too aware of Toby’s affections and kind of wants to reciprocate them, but we’re never told why they don’t just skip to the point. That is to say if they like each other, then why not try to like each other as a couple? The flip side is that we learn that Toby became a shrink in the hopes of trying to help his bi-polar mother. How he got from there to being a gambling-addicted divorcee is still a mystery.

Though Walter earned his stripes this week, and the team managed to perform under incredibly stressful circumstances, the implication is left that it’s not all smooth sailing ahead. Megan’s disease threatens to end her life sometime in the immediate future, and she wants Walter to come to terms with that and learn to accept it. Of course, Walter won’t, and it won’t be any easier for him once he’s forced to look in the ugly face of it. If Paige’s ex returning to town is enough to make Walter go all Fast & Furious, then what will the untimely death of his sister do? Perhaps these missions will make Walter tougher, or perhaps healing starts by admitting that things matter to you more than you are willing to admit they do?