Scream Renewed For Second Season By MTV


No one was more surprised than I was when MTV’s Scream television series not only avoided besmirching the franchise’s good name, but actually turned out to be pretty fun. Now, the network and Dimension Television have strengthened their partnership by picking the series up for a second season.

MTV’s EVP of Series Development and Head of Scripted Programming Mina Lefevre commented on the announcement, which was made during the TCA tour:

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Bob Weinstein and his team who are such connoisseurs of this genre and we are thrilled by how our viewers have responded to the reinvention of Scream.”

Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of both The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films, added:

“We promise even more scares, surprises, romance and of course kills in season two.”

Though the MTV series may spell the end of Scream on the big screen, at least for a long while, at least fans of the franchise can take solace in knowing that the network is keeping its meta humor and edge intact. Our own Mitchel Broussard wrote at length about what he observed early on in the season, noting:

Whenever I sit down to watch a screener for review, I get my iPad at the ready, pausing the show to make notes and remarks on what’s happening so far and maybe predicting what will. With Scream, I made so many notes, cross-checked so many lines of dialogue and wrote and re-wrote so many suspect predictions that I ended up turning to real paper for sheer ease-of-use. I paused the show more than I have for anything I’ve thus far had the pleasure of screening early. MTV’s Scream, in essence, is one helluva shadow.

Scream will return for its sophomore run next summer.

Source: Deadline

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