Scream Season Two Trailer Teases The Ominous Return Of Ghostface


“Is it over?” MTV certainly doesn’t want fans to think that as we gear up for a new season of slasher mayhem in Scream, the network’s reboot/remake that essentially took the idea of Wes Craven’s classic and stretched it out over ten hours. The results were hit-and-miss, but it was a largely effective, and fun, bit of whodunnit mayhem.

And Ghostface isn’t done yet with the kids of Lakewood. According to a synopsis for the new season, the premiere will pick up a few months after the unmasking of Ghostface 1.0. Emma has run off to some kind of retreat to recover from the events of the season, and everyone else is – of course – still hiding deadly secrets.

As the killer promo circles through all of the (surviving) cast members, it lands on Audrey, who says, “She has been torturing me my entire life. Not anymore.” As fans will remember, after it was revealed that Serial-esque journalist Piper Shaw was the masked murderer wrecking havoc in Lakewood, the season-ending cliffhanger suggested the maniac had an accomplice in the highly damaged Audrey.

Does this mean she turns full Ghostface in season two? Would it still be Scream if we knew who the killer was from the get-go? Hard to tell either way, but I’m up for MTV messing with the formula of the franchise. Season one was simultaneously trying too hard to be Scream 1, and not trying hard enough. Striking out and doing its own thing could work for this show.

Along with the teaser trailer, MTV announced the return date for the show and it’s not all that far away: Scream season 2 will debut on Monday, May 30.

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