Scream: The TV Series Star Still Desperate To Get Killed By Ghostface

While the Scream film franchise has been largely dormant for the last ten years, a television series inspired by the infamous Ghostface killer has become a well-liked show that you can watch on Netflix. The anthology slasher series features two seasons set in Lakewood, where the killer had hidden ties to a painful past, and one season as a reboot with an entirely new cast and crew.

A power player in seasons one and two was Brooke Maddox, daughter of Mayor Quinn Maddox, and her character brought sass, sex appeal, and a sensitive side that she tried hard to hide at first. Carlson Young portrayed Maddox in the series, and as season 2 wrapped, her character was one of the few still alive.

Speaking to ComicBook, Young had this to say about finding out another Scream film was in the works and what impact that had on her as someone involved with the television series and a fan of the movies.

“I was like, ‘Nope. Clean break, I’m good, but also, nobody talked to us about doing anything like that. Of course, I am still open to just get killed on-screen, I still think that’s a good idea. But no, I was very excited to just sit back and watch the development of the films, because the show and the films were so separate.”

As Young said, the series and the films are very separated, but there’s an entire realm of those who came face to face with the infamous Ghostface killer in one way or another, and that ties them together. While no one has spoken about a potential fourth season of the Scream series, Young is clearly on board with the idea as she has an end-goal for her character.

“Come on, can you just give me … I just want to get slashed by Ghostface, is that too much to ask?”

While we’d hate to lose her character in the Scream universe, we understand why Young feels that way, and we think some fans do, too. The Halloween film franchise even opened a contest for a lucky fan to be ‘killed’ by Michael Myers. Maybe Young will get her wish one way or another in the future.

Did you watch the Scream television series? Would you like to see a cross-over between the show and the films? Let us know.