Scream Gets A Series Order From MTV


There once was a time (and it was not so very long ago) when TV shows were adapted into films and not the other way around. But as the imagination of contemporary Hollywood remains in strictly “pastiche” mode, it should come as no surprise that quite a number of beloved films from the 1980s and 90s are getting their own small-screen adaptations and spinoffs. Joining the TV crowd is Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher comedy Scream, which is now getting another day in the dark with a full series order from MTV.

MTV’s Scream series will follow a group of high-school stereotypes as they survive (or don’t) a serial killer in their midst. Everyone from the “shy popular girl” (Willa Fitzgerald) to the artsy loner (John Karna) will be on hand to play their requisite parts. It does not seem to be clear whether this show will simply take place in Woodboro, the original Scream location, following along with the aftermath of Scre4m, or if this is to be a reboot of 1996 film altogether. Wes Craven is serving as an executive producer, though, so there’s some hope there.

Scream will premiere on MTV in October 2015, starting with a 10 episode run.