Season 2 Finale Of The Flash Finally Reveals The Identity Of The Man In The Iron Mask

The season two finale of The Flash was full of shocking twists and turns, but perhaps the biggest one was the reveal that the Man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick from Earth-3. And, much to the shock of Barry Allen, Jay is the doppelgänger of the hero’s father (who was murdered by Zoom in last week’s penultimate episode).

At the end of the finale, Jay travelled to Earth-2 with Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse, while Barry travelled back in time to save his mother’s life, a decision which will alter the timeline in a huge way as we move into season three, essentially rebooting the series until things are hopefully restored to normal somewhere down the line.

Asked about the ramifications that the arrival of the real Jay Garrick will have on The Flash moving forward, actor John Wesley Shipp had this to say:

“The fact that I’m now getting to morph into an entirely different character that is so important to the Justice Society of America, which also bleeds into “Legends of Tomorrow,” he’s such an important character to this whole world – it just opens up enormous possibilities for me as an actor going forward, and the challenge for me, having played Henry, is that I now get to create an entirely different character going forward.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see how things play out in season three of The Flash, but based on past experiences, we won’t learn any solid details until this year’s Comic-Con when the first trailer and story info are revealed. For now though, The CW series has left us with an awful lot to think about over the next few months, and we can’t wait to see how things unfold for the show from here.