Sebastian Stan Addresses Rumors Of Winter Soldier And Falcon TV Show


From what we hear, there’ll be a lot of unmissable content for Marvel fans coming to Disney’s newly-christened upcoming streaming service, Disney +. It’s been officially confirmed that Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as Loki for a TV series made by Marvel Studios, but there are reports of many others also being in the works. These include a Scarlet Witch show, a solo vehicle for Nick Fury and a team-up series for Winter Soldier and Falcon.

Given this, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist asking Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan about the rumors of his character and Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson getting their own show during his spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live. A total pro at keeping Marvel’s top secrets under his hat by now, Stan deflected the question by joking that the duo are starring in a reboot of classic cop show Miami Vice. “I would do it. Anthony would love that,” the star said. Take note, Mark Ruffalo, that’s how you successfully refrain from spoiling things Marvel don’t want you to.

Reports say that the Winter Soldier and Falcon show will be written by Empire‘s Malcolm Spellman. That’s about all we’ve got for now though, and it’s still unclear if it’ll be set after Avengers 4 or perhaps be some sort of prequel. It’s also intriguing that the pair will both star in the series, as fans had long assumed that either Stan or Mackie would take over the star-spangled shield when Chris Evans says goodbye to Captain America in Avengers 4 (well, we’re pretty sure he will).

Unlike the current crop of MCU shows, the Disney + exclusives will be overseen by Kevin Feige and therefore will continue the tone, feel and quality of Marvel’s movies. They’re expected to have hefty budgets, too, with short season lengths of around 8 episodes.

We’ll keep you posted if the Winter Soldier and Falcon project becomes official anytime soon, but now that the Loki series has been officially announced, we imagine we’ll hear something from Disney on this one as well sooner rather than later.