Sebastian Stan Teases Bucky’s Future In Falcon And Winter Soldier Show

Sebastian Stan in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Man, that Bucky Barnes guy has been through a lot, hasn’t he? He fought in World War II, got a sick metal arm, killed a few Starks…not a bad resume, huh? Well, he’s far from finished, according to Sebastian Stan, the man under the Alice Cooper hairdo. Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus, is going to be debuting at some point in the near future here, and one of the slated programs coming to the new platform is Falcon and Winter Soldier. It won’t just be the duo kicking ass, however.

Sebastian discussed the project, which is slated to start shooting this fall, at a recent comic convention. When asked about the show, and how it plans on continuing Bucky’s adventures now that Falcon is technically Captain America’s successor, Sebastian had a lot to say.

The actor is looking forward to providing extra dimensions to the character that weren’t explored in the films wholesale. “I think it’s time for Bucky to go out there and have an identity outside of the circumstances that we’ve met him through,” he said. How will he go about doing this? Well, Stan had an answer for that as well:

I don’t know, he might do all kinds of things. He might even go on a date. I don’t know. Scary world out there, you know? Apps, things like that. I don’t know what he’s gonna do. I can’t see him on an iPhone…I think it’s gonna be a lot of dealing with Anthony’s character and Anthony himself which is always another character.

As we saw briefly in Civil War, Bucky and Sam already have a bit of a buddy cop dynamic. I think this show, which is billed on IMDb as action-comedy-drama, could be a nice, lower-stakes addition to the Marvel universe, even if I don’t personally watch a whole lot of television. Maybe it’ll give fans of The Defenders something to check out. And maybe we’ll visit Cap in the nursing home. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Falcon and Winter Soldier sometime next year.