Sebastian Stan Says He Supports Marvel Fans Shipping Sam And Bucky

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Image via Marvel Studios

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gave rise to a new popular “ship” for Marvel fans to get behind, as many viewers loved the chemistry between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes so much that they lobbied for them to become a couple. Obviously, that didn’t end up happening in the Disney Plus series itself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it never will. It certainly sounds like the White Wolf himself, Sebastian Stan, is open to the idea, as he’s revealed that he supports the fans shipping the pair.

While speaking on the Just For Variety podcast to both reflect on the recent Marvel show and tease his upcoming Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy, Stan talked about the increasing call for a Sam/Bucky romance and said that he’s “happy” that their relationship is being “embraced” in whatever way the fans want.

“I’m just happy that the relationship is embraced, and it should be embraced in whatever way or fashion that people desire and want it to be.”

The first two episodes of Falcon did a lot to start folks down this track, with the premiere featuring a line that many took to be a hint that Bucky was bisexual and the next outing putting Sam and Bucky in couple’s therapy, which toyed with the idea of them being like an item. Director Kari Skogland has downplayed any talk that the creators were deliberately planting this concept into the show, though, even debunking the theory that Bucky’s bi. That said, Skogland has admitted that she views the duo’s partnership as being based on “love” and “affection,” albeit one without a “defined sexuality.”

With Falcon falling short of delivering any LGBTQ representation, it’s now all on Captain America 4 to develop a romance between the characters, though there isn’t really an indication that Marvel is actively planning on doing this – despite how much the fans want it to happen. At least we know Sebastian Stan is open to the concept.