Secret Invasion Theory Explains How It Could Lead To MCU’s Mutants

Professor X

Yesterday brought a report that Marvel Cinematic Universe series Secret Invasion would feature a Skrull with significant ties to Charles Xavier and the X-Men, with Killain Scott touted to be playing Fiz.

While that doesn’t mean we should expect the show to end with a blatant tease towards the mutants, if Scott is indeed playing that particular role, it isn’t an accident or coincidence knowing how Kevin Feige gradually lays out his grand plans. In the comic books, Fiz stands out because he’s a Skrull with mutant abilities, which leads to him being exiled.

Murphy’s Multiverse have dug deeper into the rumor, and come up with some very interesting points. Coincidentally, fellow Skrulls referred to these outliers as Deviants, although it’s not connected to the Eternals mythos. Professor X gathered Fiz and others like him to train them to harness their powers, ultimately forming Cadre X, effectively a cosmic version of the X-Men.

Cadre K battled against a rival faction known as the Purifiers, not dissimilar to how many humans view mutants back on Earth. They ended up settling in rural South Dakota after failing to be welcomed back into the Skrull Empire, where they tend to Skrulls that were turned into cows by none other than Reed Richards, because comic books.

If Scott turns out to be Fiz, then it could be a deliberate nod towards the eventual introduction of the X-Men and the MCU’s mutant populace in general, because there’s no way Secret Invasion would utilize a character with such a specific history without it meaning something in the grand scheme of things.