See The Incredible Trailer For The World According To Jeff Goldblum Season 2 Now


The World According To Jeff Goldblum is gearing up for its next big adventure, and fans got their first look today. The show’s first season debuted in Nov. 2019 and ever since then, fans have been anticipating their next wild ride with Goldblum. During our first look at his exciting adventures, we found out more about everything from sneakers to ice cream.

The best thing about the series is that audiences are finding out new information as its star does. Topics within each episode are almost entirely un-researched by Goldblum, giving audiences an authentic look at his reactions and surprises and allowing them to feel connected to his journey.

In celebration of Goldblum’s birthday, the second season trailer debuted today, and fans are wide-eyed and anticipatory for the next leg of the ride.

As the trailer progresses, viewers explore a world unlike anything they’re familiar with, or maybe see their “normal” through a different lens. The focus of the series is to bring to light the unseen. Alongside Goldblum, audiences break through the wall of fear to enjoy the realm just outside of our everyday lives.

Disney shared more information about the first five episodes of the series, which will be available on the streaming platform on Nov. 12 to celebrate Disney Plus day.

Goldblum will meet Penn & Teller to uncover magical secrets in the first episode of the season. He will explore fireworks and their beauty in episode two. For episode three, he’ll meet with Oscar-winning Phil Tippet to discuss one of the most infamous legends of all: Bigfoot. Goldblum will also meet furry friends, as seen in the trailer, and dance with a sea lion in episodes four and five.

As reported by Disney, the following five episodes will be available in early 2022, giving fans more opportunities to discover the magic so often hiding in the seemingly mundane.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum is a National Geographic series produced by Nutopia with Goldblum and Keith Addis as executive producers. You can watch the first season now on Disney Plus.