Seth Rogen Teams With FX For Half-Hour Comedy Series Based On The Singularity

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The Singularity is a high-concept term that tends to get thrown around a lot. In physics, it represents a point where a certain quantity is ostensibly infinite – such as the staggering amount of mass at the center of a black hole. When it comes to the pressing issue of AI, though, the technological singularity is a hypothesis hatched by futurist Ray Kurzweil that posits artificial intelligence will one day surpass that of human intelligence, resulting in a dramatic, largely terrifying paradigm shift for humanity.

It’s a theory that has fuelled countless works of dystopian fiction, but thanks to Seth Rogen and producing/writing partner Evan Goldberg (Sausage Party, Preacher), a new half-hour comedy series designed to inject comedy into a realm of complicated scientific theories has set up shop at FX.

Currently doing the press rounds for R-rated animation Sausage Party, Rogen cautioned that it’s still early, early days on The Singularity, though it will bring about a new partnership with FX. Appearing on the Nerdist podcast (via /Film), the actor revealed that:

We have a pilot for FX that we’re gonna shoot that we’re working on right now. We’re working on the script right now and we’re going to film that in the next year basically. It’s about artificial intelligence, it’s a half-hour comedy about the singularity basically. And I won’t say anything else because I honestly don’t know if it’s [been announced].

No word yet on whether Rogen will be actively involved as an actor for this new project, but we’ll be keeping tabs on The Singularity as it inches toward development. Meanwhile, Sausage Party bows in theaters today, August 12.

Source: /Film