‘She-Hulk’ director says we should expect the unexpected from the remainder of the season

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

The Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s episodic ventures have done great work in breaking the mold of what we expect from an MCU property. WandaVision set such a precedent with a masterfully original premise and a poignant commentary on grief, Moon Knight sent the franchise to some of its darkest pockets as it functionally unpacked the nuances of dissociative identity disorder, and now She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is veering off in a brand-new direction, letting its characters breathe in a sitcom-styled romp that expands the universe without putting its mortal essence at risk.

We always knew She-Hulk was going to deviate in this way, of course. Anyone who’s familiar with the character in the comics may have even seen it coming from light years away. But, after leaving us with a tantalizing teaser in the fifth episode, the remainder of the season looks to be taking yet another turn; one that we audiences can no longer prepare for.

Indeed, director Kat Coiro seems to have some tricks up her sleeve yet. In an interview with ComicBook, Coiro teased what’s in store for the season’s final stretch with a level of vagueness that would bring happy tears to Kevin Feige’s eyes.

Yeah, I’m just excited. I think where the rest of the season goes is so fun and different, and ideally not what you expect. And so I’m hoping people are surprised and a little like, ‘Oh, they’re having some fun with this.’ So just keep watching it. I really think it’ll be fun. I hope people like it.

She would go on to note how the show does much more than simply recreate a sitcom setting, noting how the theme of identity, a very prominent one throughout Phase Four of the MCU, plays beautifully into the show.

I think it’ll be fun to go on that journey with her, but I think what’s beautiful about the show is it’s so funny. And then in addition to that, the show is very interested in exploring these very complicated ideas of identity. And how do you own an identity that’s been thrust on you where at times you like it, but at times makes you feel bad about the other side of yourself?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is currently streaming on Disney Plus, with new episodes releasing every Thursday until the season finale on Oct. 13.