‘She-Hulk’ fans instantly fall in love with hilarious new character Madisynn

she-hulk: attorney at law
via Marvel Studios

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s fourth episode is here, and many fans are calling it the show’s best to date.

This week, we see Jennifer Walters unhappily dipping her toe into the murky waters of online dating, discovering that even when she’s a statuesque green goddess, a lot of men are still self-centered jerks. That was contrasted against more men doing dumb things in the A-plot, with egotistical stage magician Donny Blaze meddling with the Mystic Arts to Wong’s extreme displeasure.

A key figure in this was Patty Guggenheim’s Madisynn “two Ns, one Y but it’s not where you thiiiiiink!”, a perpetually intoxicated party girl who’s so upbeat that not even being sent to a demon-infested fire realm can kill her buzz. She eventually ends up in Kamar-Taj, where she immediately becomes BFFs with “Wongers”.

Madisynn could be an exceptionally annoying character, but Guggenheim nails the performance and she’s absolutely hilarious. The internet agrees, and has instantly taken her to its collective bosom:

An icon is born:

Can she cross over into the comics?

Madisynn and Wongers show now please:

We just watched this and are giggling all over again:

She is everything:

Best MCU character… ever?

Let’s face it, she stole the show:

We dearly hope the She-Hulk creatives recognized that Guggenheim’s Madisynn is an outstanding character, and will bring her back for more at some point. We’re also dying to know what’s going to happen after she made that ominous pact with a demon and gave him six drops of blood? Could we see her realizing her trip to the inferno has left her with some diabolical powers?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law airs Thursdays on Disney Plus.