‘She-Hulk’ star hoping to drive Deadpool crazy one day

Jameela in character as Titania
Photo via Marvel Studios

Jameela Jamil is set to take a villainous turn in the MCU as Titania in the upcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but the titular protagonist is not the only superhero she’s setting her sights on. The actress would like to take on none other than Deadpool in a future Marvel crossover. 

The actress revealed to ComicBook.com that she would like to drive the famous mercenary crazy and spoke about her love for the character and the man behind the mask: Ryan Reynolds. 

“I want to drive Deadpool crazy… I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Deadpool so much. There’s so much for the MCU. The Thunderbolts, there’s so many places that Titania can exist in the MCU, because she’s so messy and vile. She’s pissed off most of the MCU. Spider-Man, Thor…she’s got enemies everywhere. Kind of like me in real life.”

Titania makes her live action in the series as an egotistical online influencer who holds a grudge with She-Hulk after losing a fight to the titular green heroine. As Jamil mentioned, the character is quite infamous in the comic books for being a pain in the butt to many prominent Marvel heroes. 

Reynolds is set to reprise his role as the sarcastic Deadpool in a third film which will be integrated into the MCU. There’s not much word about which notable comic book villains will appear, but it looks like Jamil is putting her hat in the ring.  

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on Disney Plus on Aug. 18.