‘She-Hulk’ star wants a buddy cop film with a Marvel fan favorite

she-hulk attorney at law in an evening gown
via Marvel Studios

The long-awaited debut of She-Hulk is coming very soon, but star Tatiana Maslany has already pitched her Marvel film idea featuring a fan favorite.

As part of Marvel’s biggest Summer 2022, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will feature a myriad of characters from the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside introducing others. But star Maslany isn’t focused entirely on just this season; she’s already got ideas for spin-offs for her character.

Speaking on the Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, Maslany said she’d love to work alongside Midsommar star Florence Pugh in a potential buddy cop film. Pugh has played Yelena Belova in two Marvel projects so far, following her introduction in Black Widow.

“I love Florence Pugh as an actor, so I want to act with her, I think that duo would be bizarre, but I think that kinda would be fun… It’s like a buddy comedy. Us in a car.”

As for the future of her character in the Marvel canon, Maslany played coy by suggesting she hasn’t “heard anything” but is open to anything.

“Yeah, I mean, that always gets teased like ‘If this is a thing, then maybe you’ll pop up in this or that, and you know, the Marvel universe kinda has that… every storyline kinda sews through another one. So I’m up for it. Have you heard something? Because I have not.”

As one of Marvel’s only comic characters who actively breaks the fourth wall, there’s a lot of opportunities ahead with a character like Deadpool or even Howard the Duck. She-Hulk is set to have a very comedic tone, with much less focus on the dramatic in its 30-minute episodes.

She-Hulk: Attorney a Law will premiere on Disney Plus from Aug. 18.