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‘She-Hulk’ wanted to ‘throw Marvel under a bus’ by bringing up the never-ending daddy issues

Don't act like you didn't notice it, too.

Image via Marvel Studios

While the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finale was by far one of the most ambitious and audacious things the Marvel Cinematic Universe has or ever likely will bestow upon its audiences, there was one very salient point brought up by Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters that a lot of fans have had growing issues with over the years.

We are of course referring to the alarming number of daddy issues that act as the driving force and motivation behind a suspiciously large number of the franchise’s marquee names, and as the green-skinned lawyer also mentioned – Thor and Loki even had the same bugbears with the same father, and she didn’t even bring up Hela.

It was awfully bold of an MCU series to openly mock one of the saga’s character-building tropes that it leans on maybe a little too much and too often, with director Kat Coiro admitting to TV Insider that she was nervous the entire gag would be shut down by the top brass.

“Hilariously, I was more nervous about throwing Marvel under the bus than Kevin and the big brass at Marvel was. They were incredibly self-deprecating and incredibly willing to poke fun at themselves.”

Now that the dirty daddy issue laundry has been aired to the public, perhaps now we’ll see Phases Five and Six pull back a bit. After all, She-Hulk has roasted it in the most meta fashion imaginable, so surely there’s no turning back now. Either that, or the MCU doubles down just to stick it to Jen, which would be so self-aware that heads would likely explode.

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