Sherlock Season 3 Teaser Trailer Features A New Look For John Watson


Sherlock fans have been waiting well over a year to find out just how the famous detective survived his apparent ‘death.’ With no trailer or footage to offer any clues, they have been growing restless.

Today, we finally have the first teaser trailer for Season 3. Unfortunately, it does not contain actual footage from the upcoming season, in fact, it reveals practically nothing. That being said, it does do a great job of getting the fans excited.

In particular, the trailer teases the reunion between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson rather than show how Sherlock survived, which showrunner Steven Moffat described as “electrifying” at the show’s Comic-Con panel in July. Speaking of Watson, he sports a new and very interesting look, which I’m sure will be a source of ridicule by Sherlock come the new season.

Unfortunately, no premiere date was announced, and likely won’t be for a while as the third episode is still in the process of production. But as far as we know, the UK will get it before the end of this year, with an early 2014 premiere planned for American viewers.

So far we know the episode titles to be The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, and His Last Vow. And it was only last week that Sherlock’s newest adversary was announced to be Charles Augustus Magnussen. Moffat teased at Comic-Con that Season 3 would end much like the last one, in that it will have another crazy cliffhanger at the end (this must mean a Season 4 is planned, even if it’s not officially confirmed).

Surely, more about the season will be revealed over the coming months, and a proper trailer perhaps may not be too far away. But until then, we’ll have to suffice with this brief tease.

Check out the teaser for Season 3 of Sherlock below, and let us know what you think in the comments: