Sherlock’s Louise Brealey Really Wants To Be A Doctor Who Villain


With Sherlock on indefinite hiatus, the cast of the smash-hit BBC detective drama have some free time to tick off other career ambitions. For Louise Brealey – who brings lovesick pathologist Molly Hooper to life on the show – one of those ambitions is to appear as a villain in Doctor Who.

While talking to Radio Times, Brealey made clear how much she would love to star as some kind of alien baddie on the sci-fi show. Even if it meant squeezing inside the casing of a Dalek.

“Oh my God, how great would being a baddie in Doctor Who be? That would be amazing. I’d settle for a Dalek!”

What’s interesting is that if things had turned out differently, Brealey could already have been a major part of Doctor Who history. The actress has previously talked about how she auditioned for the role of Rose Tyler, the companion ultimately played by Billie Piper. According to her, however, the meeting with Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston didn’t go well and the part failed to come her way.

On the Sherlock front, Brealey also touched on where things stand with its eventual return. She did reveal that she’d recently chatted about the show with creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, but could only confirm that the fabled season 5 is not arriving anytime soon.

“We’ve just been talking about the old Sherlocks. I hope we get to do another one one day! But I don’t think it’s going to be THIS Spring.”

Last week, Moffat and Gatiss themselves gave us a rough estimate of when we could potentially expect Sherlock to return to our screens. For the next couple of years, the pair confirmed that they’re working on their latest project, a new TV adaptation of Dracula, and once that’s done they may start thinking about penning some more Sherlock scripts.

In the meantime, pay close attention to Doctor Who, as you might just spot Louise Brealey hiding inside a Dalek.

Source: Radio Times

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