Showtime’s Masters Of Sex Casts Sarah Silverman In Recurring Role



Showtime has found itself a new hit with the drama Masters of Sex, and the network isn’t wasting any time getting ready for season two. We’re hearing today that Sarah Silverman has been cast in a recurring role for the sophomore season, which set to air this summer. Besides her character’s name, Helen, there haven’t been many details revealed about her role, unfortunately.

Silverman is an interesting choice for the offbeat drama. She’s proven her acting chops in comedy over the years, more recently securing an Emmy nomination for her lead role in The Sarah Silverman Show, but viewers have yet to see her do much in the realm of drama.

There were plenty of awkward moments scattered throughout the first season of Masters of Sex, so it’s likely Silverman will be used more in that capacity, as additional comic relief. There is a slight chance that her role is intended to be a more serious one though. While this would be a departure from her usual material, it could serve as a springboard for other more diverse opportunities for the actress in the future. Either way, she’s a great addition to the cast.

Masters of Sex stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as William Masters and Virginia Johnson, pioneers in the field of human sexuality. The show follows their research as it begins to receive national attention and started a movement, which led them from a St. Louis teaching hospital to the cover of Time Magazine. The pair also struggles with defining the line between professional and personal, which becomes a grey area early on in the series and serves as an underlying premise for the show.

Masters of Sex is currently in production in Los Angeles and the show is scheduled to return to Showtime for season two on Sunday, July 13.