Steven Ogg Teases Simon Switching His Allegiance In The Walking Dead


Though Negan ruled the roost in The Walking Dead season 7, things will come undone for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s head Savior when the show returns. Not only will Rick Grimes lead an army of the united communities against the tyrant, but it looks like his own men will turn on him, too. As per the comics, Dwight is expected to ally himself with the Alexandrians – but he might not be the only one.

While chatting with, Steven Ogg teased that his character, Negan’s right-hand man Simon, isn’t as in-line with the big boss’ methods as fans might think. In fact, it’s possible that he could even betray him at some point in the upcoming season.

“I think everyone is trying to survive, but I think what makes it interesting is everyone has an angle. I think the duplicitous nature of everyone makes anything possible because at the end of the day you want to survive. Does Simon agree with everything Negan does? Does he think it’s the best way to deal with things? That’s what’s interesting.”

It seems that Ogg thinks that Simon doesn’t necessarily believe in what Negan does, but sticks by him as he realizes that it’s his best way to ensure his own survival.

“It’s like, well is he just doing this because he feels this is the best way to survive in this world? Or does he adhere to Negan’s philosophy? Again, it’s a world of survival, so that’s why, again, Simon having fun and joking and f—ing around with people is reflective of maybe who he is and how he decides to survive in the world. What would the Negan/Simon one on one be like? Is Negan always talking like that? Is he always behaving like that?”

Ogg’s performance as Simon was one of the best things about season 7, as the character was so entertainingly mean. It’s promising, then, that more facets will be added to his personality as we move forward. Plus, losing Simon’s allegiance could be a major death-nail in Negan’s coffin, as he continues to lose control of Rick and his allies.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its eighth season premiere – also the show’s 100th episode – on Sunday, October 22nd.