Sneak Peeks Of All New Gold Rush

Even ABC’s Shark Tank is no match for the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush this season, as ratings show the reality series ranked number one in all of television among men aged 25 – 54, and once again claimed the title of number one cable program on Friday evening. Having seen high ratings for its season premiere, the show has maintained that level of viewership as it follows a variety of crews through a range of difficulties in their quest to hit Klondike paydirt.

With its own lead-in show, The Dirt, offering fans “the inside scoop on all things Gold Rush” – courtesy of host Christo Doyle – the show returns Friday November 14th with another episode packed with drama:

“Dave agrees to work with the Hoffman crew under a new agreement. Tony has a near miss while removing the heaviest part of the dredge and Parker fights with Rick when he opens up untested ground.”

As this season has so far shown, the Hoffman crew have experienced more trial and tribulation than most – so for operations to finally run smoothly is heartening to say the least. The sneak peek clips from Discovery Channel indicate that those smooth operations might be short-lived, however, and problems are soon declaring themselves once more.

The clips also highlight just how dangerous the activities undertaken by these miners are – with the dismantling of a decades-old dredge demonstrating that these crews will risk life and limb to achieve their goals. It is arguably these extreme actions that draw in such large audiences for Gold Rush each week, as viewers root for crews who are taking charge of their situations and going for gold. As in life, however, things don’t always work out for the best. The difference is, for these miners, the stakes are much, much higher.

Gold Rush continues Friday November 14th at 9pm ET/PT, on the Discovery Channel.